Tips that make your vacation with a colorful family

Vacation with family is one of the right moments to strengthen the friendship, intimacy and harmony in the family. This is of course also a good way to enjoy quality time with loved ones.

Vacation with family is certainly very different from other holidays, such as alone or with friends. Many considerations and preparations that must be cooked so that when on the trip do not arise problems and complications.

No doubt, family vacation becomes an agenda that must be discussed in advance. Besides looking for the right vacation location agreement, of course preparations and various kinds of equipment must also be discussed. Especially, if this holiday is followed by a large family with a variety of characters of different ages and needs.

1. Bring a mat to relax together.

Family vacation feels like a picnic together, by bringing a base that can be a mat, carpet and so on for a gathering place. Especially if you and your family bring lunch that can be enjoyed together, while chatting and seeing beautiful scenery at tourist attractions.

2. Choose accommodation that suits your budget and interact comfort.

Many types of lodging that you and your family can choose. But during family holidays, try the inn can accommodate a full family or space to just gather. You can choose like a villa, homestay or hotel with room facilities that can be used for families.

3. Book a tour ticket well in advance so that it does not run out or time runs out to queue.

Without you knowing it, waiting in line for tickets becomes one of the things that take up your time and your family at the destination where you want to go while on vacation. The worse risk is you run out of tickets if you buy it suddenly. Nowadays, there are many online ticket agents that you can use to get tourist ticket tickets. However, if you do not find it via online, you can buy tickets on the spot in the early opening hours so that they don’t run out and there aren’t many queues.

4. Do not need a lot of tourist sites visited, provide a long time in one of the locations to enjoy togetherness.

Do not have to visit many tourist sites during family holidays. You and your family can find one of the spots that are suitable for joint tourism including comfortable areas, facilities and infrastructure that support so that your vacation is more optimal.

5. Look for a large capacity restaurant and a comfortable place for relaxing.

During the holidays, of course you and your family will stop by the restaurant. Many restaurant recommendations are suitable for families, not only the food but also the place that is considered suitable for relaxing. Like the availability of fish ponds, gazebos and children’s playground will give more value during the holidays.

6. Bring efficient equipment, only items needed.

No need a lot of luggage, sometimes this is something you forget to pay attention to. Sometimes your family carries items that will not be used too much so that and will only fill the trunk of your vehicle. Choose items that are efficient and quite accommodating during the holidays.

7. Choose a tourist location that is easily accessible by transportation.

You can prioritize your vacation spot for transportation, especially since your family group has young children. In addition to convenience, you can reach it by private vehicles without having to change other vehicles.

8. Pay attention to the weather or season.

Erratic weather can be a consideration for you to choose a tourist spot. Depending on the weather, you can prefer the priority of the vacation spot can be indoor or outdoor by considering the weather. This was done for the maximum vacation.

9. Be careful looking for ticket promos so that your expenses don’t swell.

Vacation plans that require you and your family to use public transportation both air, land and sea should be considered how to get the ticket. You certainly don’t want your vacation plans and your family failing because you don’t get a plane ticket, for example. In fact, many airlines such as AirAsia routinely provide promos in advance with a nominal that does not make the bag burst. Suitable for your family vacation.

10. Avoid extreme tourist locations.

The condition of the tourist spot you should consider if you decide to vacation with family. Avoid choosing extreme tourist locations because not all family members are able to deal with them. Safety and comfort while on vacation is a top priority.

11. Find the right time to leave to be effective on the road.

You must be common with highway congestion that makes your vacation and family disturbed. Well, the tips you can leave one day before or at night when not many other tourists have left. At least you can save time instead of having to get stuck in traffic.

12. Provide empty baggage to collect souvenirs when you leave for vacation.

Special area for souvenirs should not be missed. Even if you leave empty, the area in the trunk that you have prepared will be full of souvenirs. Instead of you confused when going home because you have so many luggage, better provide since before leaving.

13. Bring more allowance to anticipate unexpected costs.

Expense calculation is very important. Do not let the allowance that you bring for vacation accommodation with family is just right or even less. You will inconvenience and complicate yourself. It is better you prepare more allowance to anticipate unexpected expenses.

14. The object that you go to with your family is still affordable by the telecommunications network.

In this technological era, mobile devices have become very important personal items. No doubt, a tourist spot that is affordable by telecommunications signals is a better place for your family to travel. Not to mention, there will be a lot of personal communication from family members such as business, personal interests and so on which are still carried out while on vacation. This communication access is also important if an emergency occurs. It would be better if you also have the telephone number of the hospital and the nearest police station.

15. Make sure all family members are in a fit body condition.

Well, body health should be noted. Especially for your family members to be maximal during the holidays, and also not to disturb the holiday agenda if someone is sick on the trip. Before leaving, it is first ascertained whether there are family members who are less fit. You also need to bring medical supplies for first aid.


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