Tips on Smart Packing When Traveling

1. Always make a packing list

Making a list of packing will make us know what items we will need while on vacation. This activity can minimize the possibility of forgetting important items that must be taken during the holidays. Not only that, the packing list will make packing activities easier and organized.

2. Try to only bring the items needed

Minimize items to be brought. Hold on to the packing list, cross out items that might only be burdensome, can be substituted with other items, or are already available at the destination. For example, in general hotels will provide toiletries, so there is no need to bring towels and toiletries, right?

3. Roll the clothes to be carried

Tips that may be used by most travelers around the world, roll clothes that are packed. Rolled clothes will save a lot of space in the bag. Not only that, rolling clothes can reduce wrinkles on clothes that are packed.

4. Bring the lightest bag

Choose a lightweight travel bag. Travelers definitely don’t want to throw a few kilos of baggage only for their bags, right? If possible, avoid carrying bags that are heavy and troublesome. Backpack shape bags are the simplest and easiest to carry.

5. Don’t carry too many bags

Carrying too many bags will only be troublesome for yourself. For Travelers, usually only recommended to bring a maximum of 2 bags. As such, Travelers will not be bothered by carrying items that are too numerous and separate. The most recommended thing is to bring 1 backpack containing clothes and 1 tote bag for important items and other equipment. Travelers can also use waist bags to store wallets, cellphones and important documents such as passports and maps or itineraries.

6. Find out airplane baggage rules

Different airlines and destination countries, the baggage rules are different. It would be better if Travelers find out in advance the rules of aircraft baggage. For example, a flight to the United States only allows a free baggage of up to 20kg, while the destination to Hong Kong can reach 30kg. Suggestions to find out these innate weight rules can also apply to other transportation facilities such as ships, trains, buses and more.

7. Always carry medicines

No one wants to be unhealthy while on vacation, but fatigue due to long trips to significant differences in weather can be a bad influence on the health of Travelers. Just in case, there’s nothing wrong with carrying a standard supply of medicines and vitamins while traveling. After all, Travelers are advised to take a multivitamin every day during the holidays to maintain the condition of the body to be excellent to enjoy while on vacation.


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