Snorkeling tips in Bali for beginners

The island or the beach feels incomplete without enjoying the beauty of the underwater scenery. The uniqueness of various shapes and colors of coral reefs and marine animals is too bad if passed. Freediving and snorkeling. For beginners, snorkeling is the easiest and cheapest way. Tips when you snorkel in Bali scuba diving bali

Snorkeling is swimming or diving activities carried out on the surface of the sea by using breathing apparatus in the form of a snorkel and a mask that serves to protect the eyes and nose from water. To add thrust to the feet, divers usually use frog legs. For those who are not good at swimming do not need to worry because you can use a buoy.

In addition to equipment that is quite simple, the level of risk is not as big as Freediving. Besides that, we don’t need to bother taking training courses to get a certificate, so that almost anyone can easily do snorkeling. Even so, some things need attention especially for those of you who are doing this activity for the first time.

  • Don’t snorkel alone, don’t stay away from friends

So much fun sometimes makes us separate from friends. If this happens, hurry back. Having a friend beside you is very useful if there are difficulties or something undesirable happens. It doesn’t have to be better than you. At a minimum, he can seek help or notify someone if there is a danger to you.

  • First, check the condition of the equipment

Check first before you use a mask, snorkel or fins. Wear a mask that is just the right size so that you don’t get water easily. Use a mask and snorkel that is still good and does not leak, crack or tear. Use frog legs that are still flexible and fit your foot size to be comfortable and not detached during use.

  • Use the mask properly

When installing a mask, make sure that no hair or other objects are stuck between the rubber mask and the skin. Press the mask so that it is tight and vacuum. Put the mask straps snugly, it’s best not to be too tight or too loose. To prevent moisture from forming, apply a small amount of toothpaste or baby soap to the mask.

  • Get used to breathing with snorkels

Before entering the water you should practice getting used to breathing with your mouth through a snorkel. Pull and exhale air slowly & regularly through the mouth. First, it might be a little difficult, but eventually, you will get used to it.

  • Make it as comfortable as possible in the water

Start lifting your feet from the base and position your body face down, open your arms and legs a little wide so that you float on the water. Breathe through the mouth. Then swing your feet with the flutter kick technique such as freestyle swimming leg movements. Imagine as if you were one with the ocean and enjoy all its beauty.

  • Pay attention to the surroundings

The beauty of the underwater world sometimes makes us complacent and makes us less alert. Keep in mind the situation around, pay attention to changes in ocean wave currents to avoid strong currents. Pay attention to your friends, don’t separate. Pay attention to the beach if you want to stop for a moment, don’t step on coral or sea urchins.

  • Mask & Snorkel Clearing

When snorkeling sometimes there is water that seeps into the mask, this is quite disturbing. To clean it you don’t need to take off the mask. Stay in the water, take a deep breath through your mouth and exhale firmly through your nose so that the air mixed with water in the mask comes out. If water enters the snorkel channel, exhale vigorously through the mouth so that the water comes out through the snorkel filter in front of the mouth, then breathe with your mouth as before.

  • Don’t panic

Don’t panic, stay calm. Panic will only make you do unnecessary movements that waste energy and are dangerous. If your mask or snorkel has water in it, use a clearing technique while remaining calm. If you experience difficulties, keep calm and ask your friends to help.

  • Enjoy the underwater beauty while maintaining it

During snorkeling, besides having to pay attention to personal safety, you must also pay attention to the preservation of the underwater world. When snorkeling, you should not take actions that can damage coral reefs or other marine life. If not, you must not step on or touch a coral reef. You can’t leave trash. It is not allowed to feed fish because it will disturb the balance of the ecosystem. Enjoy its beauty while maintaining it.


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